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Driving While Intoxicated is a serious criminal charge that can result in a jail sentence. Hiring a DWI lawyer is an absolute necessity when you are booked for a DWI because he will protect your legal rights during the court proceedings so that you will get a proper chance to prove your innocence. Locating an experienced DWI lawyer is not an easy task. When your freedom is at stake, you want the best attorney.

After I had received my first DWI charge, the police were very candid on what the next step for me after I pay my bail and the court date determined. I am now aware that the State of Texas takes a firm stance on the laws related to DWI. In Texas, there is someone hurt or killed every 20 minutes because of alcohol-related driving accidents. If a child is in the car, the fines are increased, and child endangerment charges can be filed against you for driving while intoxicated.

If you get pulled over, and the police officer request you take a blood or breath alcohol test and you refuse, you will have your driver license automatically suspended for 180 days. If you have a blood or breath alcohol concentration at or above .08, you will be charged with DWI.

Also, the fines can be quite overwhelming. The first offense fine is up to $2,000 and can carry a jail sentence of 3-180 days depending on your particular case. If you can pay the fines, you still may lose your license to drive for up to a year. The state will charge you annual fees for up to 3 years just to retain a license.

If you have been charged with a DWI, click here to schedule an appointment with this experienced DWI attorney to minimize the effect of this very serious charge. Don’t compromise on the quality of a DWI lawyer because it can have a negative impact on your life.

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